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A simple, yet powerful patio heater with Quartz Halogen heating technology. This patio heater gives off a warm and cosy light and comes with a portable stand included. 


Quartz Halogen

The Quartz Halogen heating technology is a less efficient technology than infrared heating. While infrared heating converts up to 92% of the power into heat, the Quartz Halogen only converts approximately 60%. The reason is that Quartz Halogen patio heaters heats both the air and the person. Furthermore will this type of heater use around 1 minute to get to full effect. 

Quartz Halogen fits perfect when you have areas that are protected from the wind, as the air will not move as much. However, if you have a more open space you will be better off looking at infrared patio heaters.



  • 2000W
  • 3 heat settings: 750/1250/2000W
  • Silent operation
  • Full heat within 1 minute
  • IPX4: the product can withstand some rain/light drizzle. Must be stored indoor. 
  • Remote control: No 
  • Fuse requirement: 10A 
  • Lifetime heating lamp: Approx 2000 Hours
  • Length/colour cable: White 1,9 meter (Maximum length according to the European regulations for patio heaters)
  • Colour: Silver
  • Wall/ceiling bracket: No
  • Floor stand: Yes, integrated